Creating Fantasy Maps


Hey all! Today I’m going to go over the first step of creating your story’s world. Creating a map. It may seem daunting, but I’m going to share the perfect videos to get a start on this task. Don’t worry, this is going to be fun!

This post will be about creating a fantasy world. I’ll go over real world locations in a separate post.

So, why would you want to create a map? The simple answer is: to keep your story locations in order. This is going to be a tool for your use, though, many people decide to add an image of their map into their novels. A map can help your readers follow your characters across the world. Another use for your map is to help you flesh out your characters. A map has borders. Borders mean differences in cultures; military conflicts; and your characters’ back stories.

The videos I will link to have been a huge help to me! You pretty much use dried beans on paper. Outline around them and that becomes your map. I’m not going into detail, because the guy who made these videos (YouTuber WASD20) can explain everything better than I can. It’s his method, after all! I highly recommend trying this method at least once. Once you have a map, the rest of the worldbuilding elements will click into place so easily. You’ll probably kick yourself for not trying it first! The dried beans that I use were years expired, but they still work for me. I have them stored in one of those acrylic trading card deck holders. It stores great on a small shelf. 

I’ll close this post for now because there isn’t much to say about it. Hope you find these videos as useful as I have. ‘Til later!

Drawing a Fantasy Map (part 1)
Drawing a Fantasy Map (part 2) Mountains
Drawing a Fantasy Map (part 3) Rivers, Lakes and Sea
Drawing a Fantasy Map (part 4) Forests


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