Music as Inspiration


I’m so sorry for lack of posts over the weekend. A slew of storms blew in during the middle of the week and my Internet hasn’t been working since. At the moment I have to wait until I’m at work in order to post. I’ll be making up for this with two posts per day (I work two days a week, part time), until I have adequate Internet access again.

This post is going to be about using music as inspiration for your fiction. How often do you watch movies or TV shows and hear music that fits perfectly with the scene being played out in front of you? Do you ever hear this music and have something completely different play out in your mind? If so, you may have the “intuition” needed to use the feelings of the music to create new things. Most people can do this, but I believe some have an easier time of it than others.

Perhaps you are someone who listens or reads lyrics and scenes pop into your head? Those scenes could easily become full-fledged stories great enough to become novels, maybe even a series of novels!

If you feel as if you have trouble with this concept, practice may be in order. There’s nothing better than listening to a song on repeat as you write a scene using the music to convey the feelings you want the readers to feel. This is an important point. You want your readers to understand how the scene is supposed to feel as they read it. You want the readers to care about your characters and what happens to them.

Here’s a little activity to try. Take one of your favorite songs and find the lyrics to it, even if you know the lyrics word for word. Read them. What comes to mind when you read through the lyrics? Are you surprised by something you haven’t noticed before? Once you write down your thoughts, take the song and play it. Does the music add another layer to the story? Perhaps after reading the lyrics in detail, the music doesn’t go with the lyrics? An example would be fast-paced music with melancholy lyrics, or sad lyrics. The music could be the outside appearances while the lyrics are what is felt deep down. Characters are just as complicated, or, at least they should be.

Try practicing this method with various songs and genres. You may be surprised by what comes to your mind. I’m going to start working on the next blog post now, so, ’til later!


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