Welcome to my blog!


Thank you for viewing my new blog. It’s a new year and so it’s time for a year of new endeavors and goals! In this blog you will find: advice for your own fiction, news and updates on my own projects (including extras to the decisions I make for my stories) things I use for inspiration and recommendations.

Over the weekend, starting tomorrow (Friday) I’ll begin streamlining all of my different social media accounts/groups/ect. to include into my blog for even more updates and whatnot. This is for those who would like to follow me on social media. I hope everybody will enjoy their experience while reading my posts! If you have any recommendations, suggestions or if you simply want to tell me how much you’re enjoying the blog, feel free to drop me a comment down below. One thing is, I would like this blog to be a positive one, so any flames/attacks on others will be deleted.

Expect a new post every other day. This makes four days a week, followed by three days, followed by four days. I think I’ll make some new posts over the weekend, though, to begin filling out the blog a little. The official start date in my mind will be this upcoming Monday, January 16th. ‘Til next time!


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